Automatic Plain Brick Machine

Technical Specification

Weight3 Tons(approx)
Rate of Production1000-1200 bricks per hour
Crew1 semi skilled & 7 unskilled labour
Power consumption30 KW per hour (maximum)
Manufacturing time45 days from placement of supply order
Erection and commission2 days
Training3 days


Mixing MachineBrick Press
a. capacity – 600litresa. Double cylinder Hyrdraulic power pack of 100 ltr with 15HP 4 Pole ABB motor.
b. RPM – 30b. PLC controlled circuit. No human intervention upto ejection stage.
c. Motor – 20 HP 4 Pole ABB motor
d. Gear Box – 8” FV 40:1 ELECON / SHANTHI

Do's & Dont's

Mixing MachineBrick Press
a. Do not start the mixing machine in full loada. Do not open the control panel without presence of competent person.
b. Incase of a power failure remove 75% of the material before restarting.b. PLC shall be handled only by company representatives.
c. Clean the arms and the pan daily after use.c. Area around the hydraulic valve should be kept clean at all times.
d. Gear Oil level to be monitored once a weekd. Clean mould box daily after use.
e. Do not start the power pack motor before filling the oil (hydraulic oil system 68) to 85% of its capacity.