Semi Automatic Interlocking Brick Machine


Technical Specification

Weight1 Ton (approx)
Rate of Production100 Interlocking bricks per hour
Crew1 Semi skilled & 5 unskilled labour
Power consumption5 KW per hour (maximum)
Manufacturing time30 days from placement of supply order
Erection and commission1 day
Training1 day


Mixing MachineBrick Press
a. Capacity – 150 litresa. Single cylinder Hydraulic power pack of 100ltr with 5 HP 4 Pole ABB motor
b. RPM: 30b. Steel Mould Box with two moulds
c. Motor: 3 HP 4 Pole ABB Motor with Starter
d. Gear Box: 3” FV 20:1 ELECON / SHANTHI


1. Plain bricks of size 250mm x 125mm x 75mm.

2. Plain bricks of any other dimension smaller than the above dimension.

Do's & Dont's

Mixing MachineBrick Press
a. Do not start the mixing machine in full loada. Follow colour code during mould changing.
b. Incase of a power failure remove 75% of the material before restarting.b. The hand Operated lever of the power pack is quite sensitive. A light push is enough. Do not press hard.
c. Clean the arms and the pan daily after use.c. Do not start the power pack motor before filling the oil (Hydraulic oil system 68) to 85% of its capacity.
d. Spare scrapper are provided with the machine. They can be replace with ease by removing the nuts.
e. Gear Oil level to be monitored once a week

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