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Technical Specifications

  1. Excellent load bearing capacity. Compressive strength minimum 120 kg/sq cm.
  2. Water absorption within 8%.
  3. Keeps the room cooler. Thermal Conductivity (k value) less than 5.
  4. Made under hydraulic pressure and water treated.
  5. Encourages use of material other than soil hence preventing top soil erosion.


Composition can be made in any one of the undermentioned compositions:

  • Sand, flyash & cement.
  • Sand, crusher/granite/marble dust & cement.
  • Sand, flyash, lime and gypsum (no cement).
  • Sand, soil and cement.

Unique Features of Terrablock Interlocking Bricks

  1. Facility of Internal wiring and pipelining (1/2” Pipes) within the bricks.
  2. Reinforced pillars which can replace RCC pillars upto G+1 structures.
  3. Pre Fabricated Lintels.
  4. Horizontal RCC band with channel bricks of any length. It can replace a tie beam.
  5. Horizontal mortar of cement and sand between the bricks not required.

Hence saves about 80% cement and 95% sand in brickwork.

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